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    2. Centric Digital

      Recent Clients

      Our solutions and products power traditional leaders across industries through their digital transformations. Industries include: retail, healthcare, finance, insurance, utilities, CPG, private equity, hospitality, nonprofit, and more.

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      Recent Work

      Lbrands app on iphone



      We benchmarked ecommerce experience against 25 competitors and constructed a roadmap for digital experiences that balanced pure ecommerce, entertainment, and seamless omnichannel shopping. Experiential prototypes brought their vision for personalized customer experiences to life.

      Humana Digital Playbook on iPad



      Our teams have developed the strategies and have helped navigate a multiyear digital transformation focused on consumer-centric, integrated, cross-channel experience. Our Transformation Sprints have jumpstarted innovation throughout the business.

      J.D. Power Mobile App Certification on iPhone



      Through our DIMENSIONS™ Mobile 250, we partnered with J.D. Power to certify the first institution to attain the J.D. Power Mobile App certification and identified gaps and opportunities for further growth.

      Transformation Sprints AIG



      We worked with key stakeholders to implement a Transformation Sprint program that developed fully functional products, including internal business intelligence dashboards used by C-Suite and customer-facing warning systems.

      Digital Strategy Playbook Bissell

      Digital Strategy Playbook

      Consumer Product Manufacturer

      Our Digital Strategy Playbook identified and outlined 60+ initiatives across a 3-year digital transformation roadmap to create ~$90M in value. Our teams created a Digital Value Lever model to measure results and a bespoke operating model to support digital transformation.

      Due Diligence Permira

      Digital Due Diligence

      Private Equity Fund with Total Committed Capital of €32B

      Our team provided Buy-Side Due Diligence on a HVAC acquisition target through DIMENSIONS and SCENARIOS™, including opportunity assessment and visualization. This helped facilitate a successful acquisition.

      Digital Strategy Playbook Seacoast

      Digital Strategy Playbook

      Regional Bank

      We benchmarked a regional bank against fintech trends, competitors, and leaders to define their digital roadmap. Our team uncovered numerous opportunities to drive improvements and unlock new value in their customer service, omnichannel experiences, and organizational processes.

      Transformation Sprints JD Power

      Transformation Sprints

      Consumer Review Publisher

      Our team conducted a DIMENSIONS assessment against competitors and disruptors, focused on design and functionality criteria, and developed journey maps with click paths based on user research. We delivered lo-fi prototypes, visual design concepts, a strategic roadmap for prioritized features, and recommendations for the future technology stack.

      Digital Strategy Playbook Great Wolf

      Digital Strategy Playbook


      Our team delivered a Digital Strategy Playbook focused on marketing and omnichannel customer experience to drive acquisition and retention for a family resort and hotel chain.

      Dummies Website on laptop

      Digital Strategy Playbook & Transformation Sprints

      Leading Educational Publisher

      We developed a strategy for repositioning a reference book publisher as a modern digital learning brand with diverse content offerings. We built a three year business plan and roadmap to increase revenue 3x to $57B, and designed and launched their rebranded website and email strategy.

      COMPASS App for Healthcare Provider

      Digital Strategy Playbook, Transformation Sprints, and COMPASS™

      Healthcare Provider

      We delivered a consumer digital strategy tied to business objectives by rethinking how they offer healthcare. We provided digital trends analysis, research-driven consumer personas, future state interactive visualizations, and prioritized capabilities over a 2? year digital roadmap which was implemented using COMPASS

      Transformation Sprints Chubb

      Transformation Sprints

      Global Insurance Provider

      Conducted user research to understand customer needs, pain points, and behaviors in international target markets, followed by iterative, agile development. Our prototypes helped drive discussions with LATAM retail partners on opportunities for cross-selling insurance products through B2C retailers.

      Digital Health Assessment tool on iPad

      Custom Deployment of DIMENSIONS


      Through a combination of a Transformation Sprint and our DIMENSIONS classification system, we designed and built an internal ‘Digital Health Assessment’ tool. The self-assessment tool and it’s learning agendas were incorporated into their performance review process.

      ARaymond dashboard on iPad

      Transformation Sprints

      International B2B Manufacturer

      We performed a number of Transformation Sprints ranging from AR sales tools to analytics dashboards. Through each, we defined user journeys and a subset of product capabilities to engage management with quick wins, added new features, and mapped the final portfolio product against our strategic objectives.

      Colgate app on iPad

      Transformation Sprints

      Fortune 200 CPG

      Alongside, key stakeholders, we developed the prototype for a customizable CPG product. We used a confluence of trends impacting other categories. Identified gaps and opportunities for the brand. Developed a completely new digital (eCommerce) offering presented to the BoD for investment.

      Lek Due Diligence

      Due Diligence

      Leading Private Equity Firm

      We performed a due diligence measurement across the target’s digital stability, scalability, and growth opportunities specifically within the healthcare space as part of their valuation.