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    2. Centric Digital


      Digital Intelligence on Auto Manufacturers, Dealers & Fleets

      Understand how digital impacts your automotive business such as quality of inventory and product page content, local or regional competitiveness of dealer sites, overall online shopping and service experience.

      Energy & Utilities

      Digital Intelligence on Water, Electric & Gas Utilities

      Understand the digital capabilities and standards that could revolutionize your ability to provide excellent customer service while increasing efficiency such as best in class live chat customer service, online bill payment, outage notifications, paperless statements and communications, digital marketing of green initiatives, etc.

      Financial Services

      Digital Intelligence on Banks, Credit Cards, Insurance & Wealth Management

      Understand how to deepen customer adoption of digital capabilities, increase the share of wallet through digital channels while reducing reliance on manual service channels, track Fintech innovation to stay ahead in your market, etc.

      Healthcare & Life Sciences

      Digital Intelligence on Life Sciences, Healthcare Payers & Providers

      Understand how to digitize and digitally transform the experiences for members, patients and providers by adopting best practices and standards from within and outside your industry.

      Retail & Ecommerce

      Digital Intelligence on Consumer Products, Omnichannel & Digital First Retailer

      Understand customer shopping preferences and how to optimize ecommerce and digital capabilities to increase online sales penetration, online shopping conversion, repeat shopping as well as identify and respond ahead of forthcoming disruption.

      Tech, Media & Telecom

      Digital Intelligence on Telecoms, Media & Technologies

      Understand trending technologies being used across industries. Understand consumer media consumption trends and how to adopt traditional distribution channels. Understand how to optimize online sales and service performance.

      Travel & Hospitality

      Digital Intelligence on Airlines, Rental Cars, Hotels & Restaurants

      Understand key digital touchpoints throughout the customer journey and how to make engagement frictionless by adopting new digital experience strategies and technologies used by disruptors.