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    2. Centric Digital


      Our Brand Assets & Guidelines for Use

      Our Brand Name

      Correct Title Case Spelling & Spacing

      Centric Digital

      Origin of Name

      Our belief is that digital should be centric to any business.


      The name of our company:

      Centric Digital®

      The name of our platform:


      Our Press Release Boilerplate

      Centric Digital’s intelligence platform, DIMENSIONS™, measures capabilities across an enterprise’s core digital footprint—web, mobile, social, etc.—and compares them to industry standards and market leaders. Insights from Centric Digital IQ data powers partner solutions, informs investors and guides C-suite executives through frontline managers to optimize business performance. Over 15,000 brands worldwide and across industries are tracked including the S&P 500. To learn more or schedule a demo, please visit www.egmdl.com

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      Our Icon and Logo

      Logo Horizontal Black

      Logo Horizontal Black

      Logo Horizontal White

      Logo Horizontal White

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      Our Brand Colors

      Black #2B2B2B

      Pure White #FFFFFF

      Dark Gray #3A3A3A

      Gray Light #777777

      Gray #EEEEEE

      Gray Lighter #F0F0F0

      Gray Lightest #F8F8F8

      Gray Ultra Light #FCFCFC

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