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    2. Centric Digital

      Centric Digital® is the comprehensive solution to measure and raise digital intelligence. Powered by its platform, DIMENSIONS™, Centric Digital benchmarks digital capabilities against its library of best practices to provide brands across retail, financial services, energy and healthcare with insights to inform strategic decisions that lead to shareholder, customer and organizational value.

      Global Impact

      Our Purpose

      Our purpose is the proven fact that digitally intelligent organizations create more shareholder value, business sustainability and customer & employee satisfaction.

      Industry Impact

      Our Vision

      Our vision is to be the definitive platform & insights to set the standard for measuring digital intelligence.

      Enterprise Impact

      Our Mission

      Our mission is to catalyze business transformation and better inform digital investments through digital intelligence measurement.

      People Impact

      Our People

      We inspire our people to lead organizations through their digital evolution, define the future of digital thought leadership and deliver positive impacts previously unthinkable.



      #34 Overall

      #1 New York City

      #1 New York State



      #402 Overall

      2nd Consecutive Year



      Fast 50: #25 OVERALL




      3rd Consecutive Year




      4th Consecutive Year



      Applied & Anticipated


      Our Values


      We operate in a modern way throughout and always.


      We insist on the highest standards in everything we do.


      We seek to streamline to increase value & context.


      We move forward decisively and adjust and iterate to evolve.


      We measure success by value delivered.


      We are able to pivot and adapt quickly to trends.


      We are efficient & frugal with our resources.


      We think big and creatively.


      We collaborate effectively and seamlessly.


      We practice ownership & find solutions always.


      Jason Albanese picture

      Jason Albanese

      Chief Executive Officer Co-founder

      Jason Albanese is CEO of Centric Digital which he co-founded with Brian Manning in 2010. His vision and entrepreneurial skills accumulated during a successful career building innovative B2B digital companies has allowed him to turn Centric Digital into one of the fastest growing companies in America. Previously, he co-founded and served as CEO of SageSecure LLC, a digital asset management and risk company and prior to that Jumar Technologies, a B2B CRM software company. Albanese regularly contributes to INC.com, has co-authored 2 books, has been published in The Journal of Research and Practice in Information Technology (JRPIT), and holds a patent on an Internet-based distance learning system he co-designed. He serves as the Chair of the Governance Committee on the board of Partnership with Children; and is an active member as serves on the board of Young Presidents Organization Manhattan.

      Brian Manning picture

      Brian Manning

      Chief Digital Officer Co-founder

      Brian Manning co-founded Centric Digital with Jason Albanese in 2010. He leverages his deep digital expertise and creativity to shape Centric Digital’s brand and market position into a leading independent digital transformation provider for global enterprises. Manning started his career at Accenture and since went on to lead digital businesses within global enterprises such as Citigroup and spinoffs such as Barnes & Noble.com. He has managed $500+MM ecommerce businesses, defined multi-billion dollar consumer digital bank strategies, and launched dozens of digital products. Manning’s passion for all things digital sets a high bar for Centric Digital’s clients, partners and employees. Chief Digital Officers consistently seek his advice and he has helped shape the digital organizations and strategies of several Fortune 500 companies. He is a published author and regular contributor on Bloomberg and Fox Business.

      Megan Galbraith picture

      Megan Galbraith

      Chief Revenue Officer

      Megan is a digital executive whose unique career spans consulting, service design, and business & partnership development across industries. Prior to CD, Megan was VP of Business Development at Blue State Digital (WPP), an agency founded during its groundbreaking digital work in the 2008 presidential election. Before BSD, Megan was Managing Director, Digital for CW (Omnicom) a philanthropic consulting firm, leading partnership and digital integration efforts. She holds an M.A in Media Studies & Management from The New School.

      Peter Smith picture

      Peter Smith

      Chief Strategy Officer

      Peter Smith is our Chief Strategy Officer and is responsible for Product, Commercial and Growth Strategy and Execution. He has worked in innovation and growth strategy throughout his career, with a focus on building differentiated digital platforms and lasting brands. Prior to Centric Digital, Mr. Smith led Digital Strategy & Innovation at Capgemini, led product strategy for two successful technology startups, and has industry experience in consumer products, diversified financial services, and technology verticals. He holds a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Franklin & Marshall College.

      Eliron Ozarko picture

      Eliron Ozarko

      Chief Financial Officer

      Eliron Ozarko is the Head of Finance at Centric Digital where he manages the company’s finances and plays a key role in operations, corporate strategy and business development. Eliron has extensive experience in mergers & acquisitions, capital raising, and high-growth startup companies. Eliron started his career in the M&A advisory group at PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP working with various private equity and corporate clients. He then went on to build a global music and entertainment company, playing a key role through its IPO, international expansion, and multiple financings from 2013-2017. He holds a BBA from Hofstra University and is a CPA.

      Augie Smith picture

      Augie Smith

      Product & Technology

      Augie Smith leads our product, analytics, and engineering teams where he focuses on building scalable and performant platforms that deliver long-term value to our clients. Prior to Centric Digital, Augie was the Chief Technology Officer of Cota Healthcare. He currently serves in an product and technology advisor to many of Silicon Alley’s most promising startups.

      Robert Levine picture

      Robert Levine

      General Counsel

      Robert is a founding member of Corrigan, Baker & Levine, LLC and general counsel to Centric Digital. He represents both large and small entities in a broad range of matters. He has extensive experience counseling and advising clients regarding such issues as corporate formations, structuring and restructuring, business sales and acquisitions, joint ventures, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, employment and severance agreements, licensing agreements and general commercial litigation.


      New York City

      120 5th Avenue New York, NY 10011



      220 N. Green St Chicago, IL 60607



      Dorrego 1927 Guaymallén, Mendoza 5519