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    2. Centric Digital


      Digital Leaders Outperform Laggards

      Gross Margin bar chart

      Financial Performance

      In a study of 344 public companies, digital leaders had higher average margins than digital laggards (Source: S&P Capital IQ & Keystone Strategy in HBR.org).

      Digital Intelligence linear chart

      Customer Satisfaction

      In a study of leading insurance companies, those with a higher Centric Digital IQ had a higher J.D. Power Voice of the Customer score (Source: Centric Digital & J.D. Power).

      Leaders, S&P and Laggards bar chart

      Shareholder Return

      S&P 500 companies with a leading Centric Digital IQ of 600+ returned 53% vs. the index return of 46% from 2014-2018 (Source: Centric Digital).

      Data Products

      Robust Data Configurable To Your Needs

      We capture data representative of an enterprise’s core digital footprint (websites, mobile apps, social media, technologies, organization).


      brands & growing

      Our measurements cover standards across experiences, channels, features, technologies, platforms and performance.


      capabilities and standards

      Our measurements cover standards across experiences, channels, features, technologies, platforms and performance.


      frequency and real time

      Our platform is scanning our complete universe weekly but is able to scan a selected universe on a real time basis as well as any desired frequency.

      Data Products


      Enterprise Scale Digital Intelligence Cloud Platform

      Screens of Measure & Monitor, Compare & Contextualize and Optimize & Transform
      Measure & Monitor

      Measures an enterprise’s core digital footprint (web, mobile, social media) against industry standards.

      Compare & Contextualize

      Compares an enterprise’s digital intelligence to competitors and disruptors to identify threats & opportunities.

      Optimize & Transform

      Recommends actions to improve digital intelligence & correlates to shareholder, business & customer impact.


      Powering Partners & Clients Globally

      Our solutions, products and platform are used by market researchers, consultancies, agencies, advisory firms, investors and enterprises across industries.

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